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Nermine Said

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The black fool costume is part of Khotoum 2 project. It reflects on the religious dogma that controls the mind and soul of its followers. In a “conservative” society, it is considered a taboo to discuss certain beliefs.


Nermine Said is an Egyptian costume designer, and a member of OISTAT Egypt. Said holds a Master’s Degree in Folk-Theater from the Academy of Arts in Cairo, and a B.A in Theater from the American University in Cairo. Nermine also holds a diploma in fashion design and dress-making from Thomson Education-Direct.

Nermine Said designs costumes for both theater and cinema. She is interested in the analysis of characters, symbolic powers of accessories, and the psychological influence of colours. However, through her passion to drama and scenography, Said has broadened her interests to include visual arts and installations.

Her latest credit in the field of visual arts and installations as Artistic Director, Producer, and Designer, was her costume installation exhibition KHOTOUM, which was shown in Cairo, Helsinki and London.

TITLE: The Seal of the Black Fool (Religious Dogma)

A dark power is imprisoning minds in a well-sealed trap and controlling them by fear and dogmas. The body is alive yet the mind is dead, moving in endless circles of reasoning. Dare to ask and you will be forbidden to live in the everlasting heaven that you are promised after death. The calligraphy used in this piece writes random Arabic letters and two words – “Halal” & “Haram”.


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Khotoum 2, Europe premiere, first release online 2020
Nermine Said, The seal of the Black fool (Religious Dogma), 2020
Model: Sherif Gamil
Foto: Amall Ishak