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Electric Adam

Agency of Senses and Sensuality

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The Diamond Angel demands so much from the performer, it takes away my sight, hearing and forces me to stand still as I breathe my way to inflate and vacuum the latex skin around my body and the geometric frame.


Adam is a London-based artist. He creates latex wearable art and installations for live performance. Emerging from the London fetish scene, his work has come to a wider audience in London with shows in The Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Theatre Studio. Adam has won four awards at the renowned international design competition World of Wearable Arts in New Zealand, including the Cirque du Soleil Invited Artisan Award. In 2018, he performed in New Zealand’s ‘Performance Arcade’ and in Montreal as a part of his 5-week residency with Cirque Du Soleil. 

TITLE: Diamond Angel

Diamond Angel is a living sculpture performance piece exploring the power and fragility of the human body. Adam stands stationary, unable to see, he is encased in an airtight latex structural costume and uses his own breathing to create a vacuum inside. Making the latex suck tightly around his body the vacuumed latex turns him into a half human, half geometric form. Over 15 minutes he slowly inflates the latex skin around his body and then sucks all the air out creating the vacuum, this process slowly repeats like a biomechanical lung.



Diamond Angel, Hackney Wick, London performance. Documentation from the first time this piece was performed in public in the arts district of Hackney Wick.

Electric Adam, Diamond Angel, 2012, performance and costume, latex, wood, 1.9 x 1.9 x 0.45 m
Foto: Dee O’Connell.

Electric Adam, The Machine Legends, at SPILL Festival of Performance, video, 1:32
DOP:  Dee O’Connell

Electric Adam, Adam Electric at V&A Friday Late, video, 1:29
DOP / Editor: Dee O’Connell and James Lister