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BETWIXT focuses on the agency of costume in-between body, material and site – where the material and immaterial, sensorial and semiotic, are created in and because of relationships.


BETWIXT is an international interdisciplinary collaborative duo consisting of visual artist/ costume designer Charlotte Østergaard (DK) and somatic dance/theatre artist Sally E. Dean (NO/USA/UK). Together they aim to create a total work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) where the costume, choreographic material and site co-create each other. How does the costume move/form the body and how does the body move/form the costume?

Charlotte and Sally have been professional artists for over 20 years. Both are PhD Research Fellows: Sally at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Charlotte at Malmö Theater Academy/ Lunds University.

TITLE: Cabbage Dressing in Corona Times

Cabbage Dressing in Corona Times is a research project conducted by Charlotte and Sally that explores collaborative making, wearing, and undressing within the limitations of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The material of cabbage is chosen because of its impermanence — it easily decomposes, becoming symbolic of the fragility of our current context. The costumes have been created together but also separately, over zoom on live and virtual moving bodies. The material and recording media continue to de-form, re-form, un-form and in-form the making, moving, reflecting and documenting process.

TITLE:  Unraveling Traces of Tissues

Unraveling Traces of Tissues is a video that documents the impact of costume on performers through recorded interviews and video footage from the Traces of Tissues rehearsal process — emphasizing both collective and individual experiences. The documentation culminates with an excerpt from the final performance. Traces of Tissues is a site-specific costume requiem for those living in the liminal space — a place in between. Interweaving costume design, somatic choreography and site, this performance honours the present plight of the refugee. Traces of Tissues premiered at the Prague Quadrennial, 2019.


01 – 02
BETWIXT (Sally E. Dean and Charlotte Østergaard), Cabbage Dressing in Corona Times, Nov. 2019, Oslo National Academy of the Arts,
Foto: Charlotte Østergaard and Sally E. Dean

BETWIXT (Sally E. Dean and Charlotte Østergaard), Cabbage Dressing in Corona Times, March 2020, Charlotte’s Copenhagen living room and Sally’s Oslo kitchen, video, 2020, 6:17

04 – 05
BETWIXT (Sally E. Dean and Charlotte Østergaard),  Unraveling Traces of Tissues performance, performers Poh-Eng San, Chrysanthi Avloniti, Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Robert Williams and Eeva-Maria Mutka at Prague Quadrennial, 2019
Foto: Agnes Saaby Thomsen

BETWIXT (Sally E. Dean and Charlotte Østergaard),  Unraveling Traces of Tissues, video, 2020, 14:86
Videographers: Agnes Saaby Thomsen and Paul Cox
Sound Composition: Yann Coppier