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Linnea Bågander

Material Agency

Website / Social Media: www.linneabagander.se


The costumes are materialising the choreography; their agency is equally about restrictions as it is about new opportunities that are the foundation of an improvisation between the performer and the materials.


Linnea Bågander is PhD student in Artistic Research, Swedish School of Textiles. Through collaborations within the field of dance she explores dress as performative element working with movement, materials and bodies, how they co-exist and together create expressions and experiences. Her work ranges from how material interprets and expresses the body’s movements to how materials give impressions, inspiration and movements to the body and how this enables new bodies entwined with materials. Both her stage-based work and artistic projects have been performed and exhibited internationally, including Copenhagen, Berlin, Budapest, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

TITLE: SKINNING/TRUE MESH 16:9 full time texture (STM16:9ftt)

STM16:9ftt consists of a film series of 6 costumes inspired by 3D animation and virtual representations where progressive ideas challenge the boundaries of the body and its movements. The films are a material response about performing bodies and their symbiosis with materiality taken as far as in animation and contextualized back in hubs such as Vimeo and Instagram, functioning as stages virtual stages.

These explorations approach costumes as, it is commonly described, the second skin, enabling a bridge between the inner somatic experiences of performers and outer forms perceived by an audience. These intimate abilities of clothing are the main tools, as the notion of costume is expanded into an enclosed space where performers encounter living textures. The work with these costumes not only allows for new specific ways of using the body but also demands it; they create a specificity that becomes very rich due to its necessity.

These films are a result of and a continuation of a dialogue between Nicole Neidert and Linnea Bågander. The dialogue is mainly material and is based on issues around material and intersecting body, costume, and movement to create abstracted experiences beyond understanding.


Linnea Bågander and Nicole Neidert, STM16:9ftt, video, 2020
Produced by Joakim Envik Karlsson
Co-production by Maida Krak (Madbunny productions)
Director of photography: Joakim Envik Karlsson
Choreography: Nicole Neidert
Costume design: Linnea Bågander
Performer: Nicole Neidert
Additional performer: Mina Mannelqvist
Gaffer: Luisa Fanciullacci
Best boy gaffer: Jeremiah Erskine
First assistant camera: Christoph Mallinen
Production assistant: Freja Svensson
Edit, grade & online: Joakim Envik Karlsson
Music & sound design: Elize Arvefjord


01 – 05
Linnea Bågander, STM16:9ftt, video still, 2020
DOP: Joakim Envik Karlsson
Performer: Nicole Neidert
Costume: Linnea Bågander

Linnea Bågander, STM16:9ftt, 2020, video, 8:33
DOP: Joakim Envik Karlsson
Performer: Nicole Neidert
Costume: Linnea Bågander